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Totally Accurate Car Simulator  is a fast paced traffic racer game  In this title, you must drive your vehicle along an extremely busy highway and try to avoid taking damage from the oncoming traffic! Weave through the multitude of cars and show off your driving skills by dodging the cars and trucks that are driving alongside you!

In this improved version, you can play four different game modes including a fun bomb mode in which you drive a truck that is loaded with a bomb – if you take damage or a heavy impact, the bomb will explode! Use the money you earn in all four game modes to unlock new vehicles and customize your cars. You can even play a multiplayer version and race against other players!

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it lags out the whole game and its not a very cool looking explosion


very good game i like it but need to improve a bit of the explosion particale 9.5/10

what can i improve in the "particale " be more specific 


fun game could use a little bit more work. 9/10

btw are you going to add more cars? that would be sick.


yeah im working on new cars! and even a multiplayer mode!